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Celebrating the Record-Breaking Participation in Nuestra Graduación 2023

Credit: Samuel Tomsing Martinez

Video by: Samuel Tomsing Martinez

Congratulations Class of 2023!

This past June 17th, El Centro Chicano y Latino commemorated the largest class to participate in the Nuestra Graduacíon ceremony, with over 200 registered graduates, 67 of which were graduate students! The event, held at Stanford Memorial Church, was a testament to the overwhelming support from the Stanford Chicané/Latiné community, with more than 30 faculty and staff processing with the graduating students and their loved ones.

As the graduates, accompanied by their two invited guests, proudly took the stage, the atmosphere was filled with excitement and pride. Faculty and staff from various departments at Stanford announced each student's name as they received a special stole, symbolizing their academic achievements and the beginning of a new chapter in their lives. The ceremony offered a heartwarming view as families and the community cheered on the students and their accompanying guests during their walk across the stage. The joy and sense of accomplishment were palpable, emphasizing this milestone's significance for the graduates and their loved ones.

Dr. Tomás R. Jiménez, a distinguished Sociology and Comparative Studies professor in Race and Ethnicity and the founding co-director of Stanford’s Institute on Race, delivered the introductory remarks. His inspiring words set the tone for the celebration, acknowledging the academic journey and the students' resilience in the face of challenges. The event was concluded by Cynthia Gomez, President of the Stanford Latino Alumni Association (SLAA), who took the stage to deliver a congratulatory and welcoming message to the graduates. Her words resonated with hope as she emphasized the importance of their contributions to the growing Latiné alum community at Stanford.

As the organizing body behind Nuestra Graduacíon, El Centro Chicano y Latino professional staff would like to express deep gratitude to all the partners and collaborators who contributed to the event's success. ECL, The Stanford Fund, SLAA, and the tireless efforts of student and staff volunteers played a crucial role in making the ceremony a truly memorable experience.

The 2023 Nuestra Grad stands as a remarkable celebration of diversity and inclusivity, highlighting the increasing number of Chicané/Latiné students who are becoming part of the expanding alum network at Stanford University. The event honors their accomplishments and serves as a source of inspiration for future generations of students.


Video and photos by: Samuel Tomsing Martinez

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