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El Centro Chicano y Latino Awards Nominations

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Multicultural Alumni Hall of Fame Award

El Centro Chicano y Latino's Hall of Fame recognizes alumni who have distinguished themselves through exceptional advancement and success in education or career, and/or outstanding contributions to our community and society in general.

In 1995, El Centro Chicano established the Alumni Hall of Fame. The hall is part of a campus-wide effort initiated by each of Stanford's four ethnic community centers at the suggestion of trustee member, Charles Ogletree, as a means to highlight the contributions of the university's many outstanding alumni of color. Selections to the Hall of Fame are based upon nominations by Stanford alumni, staff, faculty and students and are made by a committee composed of two National Chicano/Latino Alumni Association representatives, two representatives of El Guiding Concilio (El Centro's advisory board) and a member of El Centro's staff. Inductees to El Centro Chicano y Latino's Alumni Hall of Fame are honored at a reception during reunion homecoming weekend along with those recognized by the American Indian, Alaska Native & Native Hawaiian Program, Asian American Activities Center, and Black Community Services Center. The pictures and biographies of Hall of Fame members are displayed at El Centro Chicano y Latino and serve to motivate and inspire future generations of Chicano/Latino students.

The 2023 Nominee has been chosen. To nominate someone for the 2024 Award, please email our Director Elvira Prieto with the subject line: Multicultural Hall of Fame Nomination.


El Centro Alumni Hall of Fame Inductees


Nuestra Grad Awards

(nominations open Spring Quarter)

Cecilia and Tony Burciaga Community Development Award

Eligibility: Graduating Seniors
Given to a graduating senior who has been a courageous, caring, and other directed leader with a strong academic performance and strong future goals.

Jerry I. Porras Chicano/Latino Community Scholar Prize for Academic Excellence Recipients

Eligibility: Graduating Seniors

The Jerry I. Porras Chicanx/Latinx Community Scholar Prize for Academic Excellence honors individual academic excellence and acknowledges contributions to the Mexican American/Chicanx/Hispanic/Latinx community at Stanford University.

Community Banquet Awards

(nominations open Spring Quarter)

Emerging Leader Award

Eligibility: Freshmen - Juniors

This award recognizes an outstanding freshman, sophomore, or transfer student who has shown leadership though their dedication to the Chicanx/Latinx community early in their Stanford career. Recipient shows promise for continues commitment and is likely to positively affect the Chicanx/Latinx community in years to come.

Jerry I. Porras Award for Visionary Leadership

Eligibility: Juniors - Seniors

This award recognizes students for visionary leadership within a voluntary student organization or Stanford program serving the Chicanx/Latinx community. Jerry I. Porras, Lane professor in the Graduate School of Business, Emeritus, taught courses in leadership, interpersonal dynamics, and organizational development and change. He is co-author of the best selling book, Built to Last: Successful Habits of Visionary Companies. Professor Porras has played a critical role in the establishment of El Guiding Concilio, instituted the Burciaga Award Foundation in 1996, and the Charlene J. Porras Graduate Scholar-in-Residence Award in 2016.

Renato I. Rosaldo, Jr. Award

Eligibility: Freshmen - Graduates

This award recognizes an undergraduate or graduate who best exemplifies intellectual interests, creative work, and values exhibited by Professor Rosaldo. Since 1970, Renato I. Rosaldo Jr., the Lucie Stern Professor in the Social Sciences, Department of Cultural and Social Anthropology, taught courses in Chicano life and culture, Cultural Studies, Cultural Citizenship, history, society, and Island Southeast Asia. He served as Director of the Stanford Center for Chicano Research and Chair of the Chicana/c studies program.

Outstanding Graduate Mentor Award

Eligibility: Graduate Students

This award recognizes an outstanding graduate student who has demonstrated a strong commitment to mentoring their fellow community members, whether they are undergraduates or other graduate students.

Voluntary Student Organization (VSO)

Eligibility: Centro affiliated student organizations