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El Centro Chicano y Latino is will be open starting 09/26/22 for the hours of 11am - 5pm (Mon-Fri).

Jerry I. Porras Chicano/Latino Community Scholar Prize for Academic Excellence Recipients

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The Jerry I. Porras Chicanx/Latinx Community Scholar Prize for Academic Excellence honors individual academic excellence and acknowledges contributions to the Mexican American/Chicanx/Hispanic/Latinx community at Stanford University.

Past Award Recipients:

  • 2018: Andrea Flores and Patricia Flores
  • 2017: Ryan Kia Badiee and Raquel Lucina Lane-Arellano
  • 2016: Peter Madsen and Kelly Hernandez
  • 2015: Justo Caballero and Rebeca Yanes
  • 2014: Elena Ayala-Hurtado and Brenda Muñoz
  • 2013: Zoya Reness Lozoya
  • 2012: Anna Rosales
  • 2011: Serra Elizabeth Favila