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El Centro Chicano y Latino's Fall Quarter hours are as follow: Monday - Friday, 10am - 5pm.

El Centro Visitation Requests

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El Centro Chicano y Latino at Stanford University, receives many space visitation requests. Our center has limited space capacity, and a limited number of time slots dedicated to serve external communities.

Due to the high demand of visitation requests, we ask that interested visitors please meet the following criteria. We ask that you please review this criteria before you submit your request for a visit. 

  • A group of 30 visitors maximum (chaperones or educational leaders do not count) e.g: a group of 30 students accompanied by 2 chaperones
    • For larger groups please submit two different requests at different times. Please note: we will NOT accommodate more than 30 students at a time, but we can host more than one group (30) on a calendar day.
  • Is the visiting group part of/or interested in learning about Latiné culture?
  • Does the visiting group plan to arrive between 10:00 am to 4:00 pm on a weekday to El Centro during the academic calendar?
  • Does the person or organization submitting the request take full responsibility for any damages that may be done to El Centro space while they are visiting?
  • The organization submitting the request understands that El Centro DOES NOT provide campus tours. 
  • The organization submitting the request understands that EL Centro DOES NOT provide information about parking, food, or lodging.
  • The organization submitting the request understands that El Centro is a safe space for ALL communities. 

If after reading the information above you attest that your group meets the criteria and can agree to follow our community agreements, please use the following form to request a Walkthrough of and/or Student Panel at El Centro:

Google Form