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El Centro Chicano y Latino is open Mon - Fri, 10am - 5pm, up through Friday, June 13th. 

Community Building

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El Centro works to build a community that supports students academically, personally, socially and culturally. For more detailed information on the most recent events or information Admit Weekend, New Student Orientation, Family Weekend, and Nuestra Graduación, see our Events page.


 A flyer for El Centro’s Cafecito events that has the words “Afternoon Cafecito” in a black color in a hand drawn style. Below that in a circular composition are digitally drawn renditions of typical Latin American drinks, foods and flags, as well as different sized coffee beans. There is a tin of Cafe Bustelo, here spelled Bustelx for gender neutrality, which is bright yellow with a red stripe at the bottom. There is also a package of Pajarito’s Yerba Mate, here spelled Pajaritx, that features a blue bird with a yellow belly that is perching on top of a branch and there are leaves around the bird, and the packaging itself is red at the top, then white, and then blue. There is also a hexagonal package of the hot chocolate Abuelita, here spelled Abuelitx, which shows an elderly woman with glasses looking at the viewer with a white cup of hot chocolate in her hand, and the word “Abuelitx” is on the package in a white color on top of a brown banner, and the package has a background that is yellow with a red stripe at the bottom. Other things in the illustration are cinnamon sticks, coffee cherries, chocolate dulce, a clear glass cup with coffee, a coffee grinder, Mexican pan dulce, an espresso percolator, and clear glass espresso cups with espresso. Below the illustration just described, is text that this Cafecito Event being held in person at El Centro Plaza (in front of El Centro)) at 11 AM-12 PM on Friday, May 13, 2022.

Cafecito is a bi-weekly event where we provide homemade Mexican hot chocolate, pan dulce (sweet bread) and coffee for students, staff and the general Stanford community. As one of El Centro’s most popular programs, Cafecito is an excellent avenue for people in Comunidad to socialize and network while grabbing a bite. In addition, the Career Development Center (CDC) holds walk-in consultations, and teaching assistants and professors regularly agree to meet students during Cafecito.

Cafecito is held on Friday Afternoons at El Centro Plazita and is open to all.

Fall & Spring Comunidad Picnics



Quarterly Programming

El Centro Chicano y Latino organizes independent and collaborative quarterly programming for undergraduate, graduate and community members. To see the upcoming programming, look for the "Recent Events" section on our home page.

Decolonizing Latinidades: Race, Gender, Indigeneity and Sexuality

A platica with Dr. Gabriela Spears-Rico ('03)

The Borders of Dominicanidad with Dr. Lorgia Garcia-Peña

Latinidad Unfiltered: Latinx Representation, Misrepresentation, and Politics

The Struggle of Identity, Education and Agency in the Lives of Undocumented Students: The Burden of Hyperdocumentation

Two book talks by Aurora Chang