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El Centro Chicano y Latino is closed to visitors through the summer 06/22 - 08/22. For questions or inquiries, please contact us at 

Chicano/Latino Comunidad Awards Banquet

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In spring quarter join us to celebrate the academic, community service and other accomplishments of Stanford's Latino students, staff and faculty. The Porras Awards for Visionary Leadership, Rosaldo Award for Cultural Citizenship, and Galarza and Islas Prizes for graduate and undergraduate research are presented as well as individual recognition of students who have achieved outstanding GPAs. A keynote speaker, usually a prominent Chicano/Latino policy-maker, scholar, artist and/or social activist, then gives a lecture to conclude the event.

  • Vice Provost for Graduate Education Academic Achievement Award
  • Ernesto Galarza Prize for Undergraduate Research
  • Ernesto Galarza Prize for Graduate Research
  • Outstanding Emerging Leader Award
  • Jerry I. Porras Award for Visionary Leadership
  • Renato I. Rosaldo, Jr. Award
  • Outstanding Graduate Mentor Award
  • Arturo Islas, Jr. Award Prize
  • El Centro Chicano Parent Appreciation Award
  • El Centro Chicano Faculty Appreciation Award
  • Acknowledgement of Seniors Completing an Honors Thesis
  • Acknowledgement of Undergraduates with Academic Honors

Comunidad Award Recipients