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El Centro Chicano y Latino is open Mon - Fri, 10am - 5pm.  

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Meet Our Summer Staff & Intern!

Meet Leslie!

Leslie Quintana, NSO Community Coordinator

Class of 2025 
Human Biology, conc. Neurophysiological Human Performance    
Los Angeles, CA

Hi y’all! I am a raising junior majoring in Human Biology with a concentration on Neurophysiological Human Performance, on the pre-med track.  A little bit about myself, I am a proud Acapulqueña, originally from a small city called Maywood in Southeast Los Angeles, and the daughter of immigrant parents. 

My current role is a summer student staff member at El Centro and one of the NSO Community Coordinators. I am excited to be working with you all for the summer and through NSO! Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or just want to chat (

Meet Danna!

Danna Chacon, NSO Community Coordinator

Class of 2026 
Chemical Engineering  
Bogota, Colombia and Elizabeth, NJ

Buenas buenas gente. My name is Danna Chacon and I am a sophomore planning on studying chemical engineering here at Stanford. A little bit about me is that I was born in Bogota Colombia, but I came to the states 11 years ago. My current hometown is Elizabeth, New Jersey. I am a self proclaimed skincare enthusiast and cat mom. I love anything about the chemistry ingredients and the skin microbiome. In the picture above I was about to do my skin care routine with my cat Max and he started meowing and then I started screaming too. He was about to bite me, everything is chaotic with this cat. 

On another note:  I am very passionate about immigrant rights, and advocacy for education access, especially as a formerly undocumented person. My goal at El Centro is to promote respect and dignity for our community within Stanford and beyond. I want to make sure that everyone that walks into El Centro feels a strong sense of belonging not only at Stanford but also in the Latine community. Programming, conversations, education, and access to professional opportunities is just the beginning of our work. 

Meet Jane!

Jane Hernandez, Student Staff

Comparative Studies in Race & Ethnicity (CSRE), conc. Education and Injustices 
Salinas, California and Indio, California

Hola, my name is Jane Isabel. I am a Chicana, and a recent transfer student from the community college in the agricultural land of Salinas, Ca. Born and raised in Indio, Ca; only an hour away from the Mexican border, I grew up witnessing the injustices that directly have affected our comunidad, specifically those who are undocumented. My lived experiences, and the need to break generational barriers have guided me to believe in cultural empowerment, awareness, and representation.

In addition to working at El Centro, I also work as a coordinator that addresses food insecurities for students at the Community College, and a program assistant for student affairs. Working alongside my community, myself and other student leaders, I have been involved in organizations who support cultural empowerment. After completion of a CSRE major with a concentration in Education and Injustices, I plan to continue my education to the completion of a PhD, as I hope to someday serve nuestra comunidad in a leadership position of a California community college. ❤

Meet Sofia!

Sofia Elizabeth Carrillo, High School Intern

New York, NY

Sofia is a native New Yorker from a mixed cultural background with both Taiwanese and Mexican American roots. Her interests lie in political science and social activism, and as a part of El Centro she hopes to continue to expand diversity and Latino advocacy on and off the Stanford campus.

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