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El Centro Chicano y Latino is will be open starting 09/26/22 for the hours of 11am - 5pm (Mon-Fri).

Multicultural Alumni Hall of Fame Nomination

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Nominate an alumni to the hall of fame.

El Centro Chicano y Latino's Hall of Fame recognizes alumni who have distinguished themselves through exceptional advancement and success in education or career, and/or outstanding contributions to our community and society in general. In 1995, El Centro Chicano established the Alumni Hall of Fame. The hall is part of a campus-wide effort initiated by each of Stanford's four ethnic community centers at the suggestion of trustee member, Charles Ogletree, as a means to highlight the contributions of the university's many outstanding alumni of color. Selections to the Hall of Fame are based upon nominations by Stanford alumni, staff, faculty and students and are made by a committee composed of two National Chicano/Latino Alumni Association representatives, two representatives of El Guiding Concilio (El Centro's advisory board) and a member of El Centro's staff. Inductees to El Centro Chicano y Latino's Alumni Hall of Fame are honored at a reception during reunion homecoming weekend along with those recognized by the American Indian, Alaska Native & Native Hawaiian Program, Asian American Activities Center, and Black Community Services Center. The pictures and biographies of Hall of Fame members are displayed at El Centro Chicano y Latino and serve to motivate and inspire future generations of Chicano/Latino students.