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El Centro Chicano y Latino is closed to visitors through the summer 06/22 - 08/22. For questions or inquiries, please contact us at 

Student Staff 2021-2022

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Community Coordinators

A person with long, wavy brown hair smiling. She is wearing a blue shirt and she's against an indigo background.

Rebecca Pattichis '22 (she/her)

Computer Science Major with AI Track 
Albuquerque, New Mexico

"Rebecca Pattichis was born in raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico, to a Greek-Cypriot father and Mexican mother. She is currently a senior majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Dance and Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity. Her research and academic interests focus on ethical AI as it relates to Natural Language Processing (NLP) and continuing to find computational methods that center communities of color. Aside from school, Rebecca likes to dance flamenco, read poetry, and collect earrings!"


A person sitting down on a couch with the sunlight shining on them through a window. They are wearing a grey baseball cap, a grey sweater, and have a white and grey striped tote bag.

Ashley Toribio '22 (they/she)

African and African American Studies
Brooklyn, NY

"I’m Ashley, a senior majoring in African and African American Studies and a student co-lead for the Community Coordinating team at El Centro. I was born and raised in Brooklyn, N.Y. and my family is from the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean. As an Afro-Dominican person, I aim to intentionally center black, Indigenous, and other marginalized voices in the Latinx community in all of our programming efforts and planning at El Centro."


A person with dark brown hair pulled back in a ponytail that reveals her hoop earrings. She is wearing a black blouse and a brown plaid flannel on top. The background is a stucco beige color.

Esmeralda Reyes '23 (she/they)

Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity
Brooklyn, NY

"Coming to Stanford, I knew I wanted to be part of the Latinx community. After having the past year be virtual, I wanted to jump back into the Comunidad and found El Centro to be a space allowing me to do just that. I am excited to have the opportunity to work collaboratively in planning events that can offer in-depth conversation about Latinidad."


A person with mid-length blonde hair, blue eyes, and rose colored lipstick. She is wearing a white shirt with a collar and floral decor, and is against an art piece of made of multicolored parts.

Yesenia Ulloa '22 (she/her)

Product Design
Chicago, IL

"At any given moment, I’m one of few Latinas in my classes. However, at Centro, that’s never the case. The Centro is a place for Latinx people to learn from each other, without worrying that their identity will be used to dismiss them. I am serving as Centro Staff because I want to continue the legacy of the awesome people that came before me."


A person with dark brown curly hair that is smiling. She has a gold necklace and a red blouse with a black jacket on top. She is against a light grey background.

Valeria Paez Pulido '24 (she/her)

Cuernavaca, Mexico & Miami, FL

"As an immigrant who moved from an amazing Latinx community in Mexico to another one in Miami, I have found that one can find familia anywhere you go if you find a place where you can feel supported, loved, and embraced. El Centro at Stanford has been one of the places I have found a familia in. El Centro has allowed us all to grow side-by-side in the myriad of identities we hold, feeling comforted by each other’s presence and strength."


A person smiling as he wears a black cap and gown. The charm on his cap says 20 and has orange and black decorative string. He is walking through a field.

Juan Flores '24 (he/him/él & homie)

Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity & Human Rights Minor
Escondido, CA

"Hi Y'all! My name is Juan and I am currently a sophomore at Estanfor. As a person who's frosh year was limited by the panera beard that we are all experiencing, one of the things I wanted to do my sophomore year was to engage tirelessly with El Centro––now I just so happen to work here! To me, El Centro is a home away from home (cliche, I know). It is a space where I can truly express myself. My goal/hope is to help replicate that same feeling for others all across campus. My primary interests lie in the fields of (and intersections between) immigration law, human rights, the criminal legal system, and restorative justice practices. Aside from this, I love to talk and chat with people from all walks of life. Hit me up!"


Marketing & Social Media Specialists

A person with square glasses and their curly hair tied back in a ponytail. They are wearing a white button up shirt with a brown plaid blazer on top. Behind them are a lot of plants, like birds of paradise.

Shannen Torres BA '21 MA '22 (any pronouns)

Latin American Studies
Bronx, NY

"It's been an honor to work with El Centro these past couple of years. I was able to grow with students and staff and find a home on campus. I'm excited to welcome students to the center and hope that they also feel El Centro's warmth!"


A person with long, dark brown hair that is smiling. She is in a room with purple light that makes her skin a purple color, which contrasts with her pink eyeliner. She is sitting against a brown wood door.

Stephanie Castaneda Perez '23 (she/her)

History & Art Practice
Los Angeles, CA

"Stephanie is a Mexicana hailing from Los Angeles, California. She is passionate about community activism and loves to spend time learning about the history of Mexican-Americans. In her free time, she also loves to cook, dance, and write."


A person with long, dark brown hair. She is smiling and is wearing a chunky silver and multicolored necklace with a blue pendant. The photo is narrow and is surrounded by two light grey vertical squares.

Jessica Balbin '24 (she/her)

Miami, FL

"Hey Cardinals! My name is Jessica, I’m pre-med and a prospective chemistry major. My hometown is Miami, FL and on my free time I enjoy immersing myself in a wide range of disciplines. To name just a few I'm passionate about theatre (watching, performing, and working tech.), videography (editing videos is especially relaxing to me), and community engagement. I love watching basketball games (Heat fan since I was 8 years old) and listening to music (fun fact: my playlist is 68 hours and 23 minutes long with a wide range of genres ranging from classic rock, hip-hop, trap, bachata, pop, etc.). As a social media specialist this year I hope to use social media as a tool to unite us all, like la Comunidad that we are. That being said definitely feel free to reach out to me at if you have any Centro related questions, or even if you just need to talk to someone!"

Frosh Liaisons


Michelle de Fatima Mairena

Michelle de Fatima Mairena '25 (any pronouns)

Miami, FL

Michelle is a Nicaragüense who has been living in Miami, Florida for the past six years. She is a prospective History and Earth Systems double-major who wants to dedicate her time towards community advocacy. In her free time, she listens to rock ñ, reads Central American resistance history, and organizes with “Rhizome,” a non-profit that Michelle co-founded that is focused on mobilizing high school youth into civic action. She also loves to knit, organize picnics, and read Central American revolutionary writers such as Roque Dalton and Ernesto Cardenal.


Ninette Calderon

Ninette Calderon '25 (she/her/Ella)

Management Science & Engineering
Los Angeles, CA

Ninette Calderon was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. She was raised by two immigrant parents from Central America and Mexico. She is currently a first-generation freshman studying Management Science and Engineering with a concentration in finance and decision. In attempts to help those around her and her community, she started a non-profit organization this past year, Care for Los Angelenos, which provides basic care resources to the homeless community in Los Angeles. Ninetteaspires to continue contributing to her community back in Los Angeles and now at Stanford by highlighting the potential that resides within’ her first-generation and Latinx peers.

Peter Benitez

Peter Benitez '25 (he/him)

Woodbridge, VA

Hello everyone, my name is Peter Benitez and I am from Woodbridge, Virginia, located 25 minutes outside of Washington D.C. My perspective major is computer science but I am still exploring different tracks and minors. My mother is from Guatemala and my dad is from El Salvador. I am extremely excited to be working at El Centro so I can help give back to the community that I love. If you see me. feel free to say hi, I love meeting new people!

Rebecca Monge

Rebecca Monge '25 (she/they)

New York, NY

Hi all! I’m Becca, a current first-year at Stanford with an interest in Earth Systems and Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity. I grew up in NY raised by parents who immigrated from Central America, and I truly enjoy any opportunity to engage in Latinx spaces! At El Centro, I am eager to connect our class to cultural events, and help deconstruct the anti-blackness, anti-indigeneity, and colonialism embedded in Latinidad. I am super excited to meet new people and perspectives too, and am beyond grateful to represent this space :)

Sebastian Madrigal

Sebastian Madrigal '25 (he/him)

Civil Engineering
San Leandro, CA

"Hey all, my name is Sebastian and I’m a freshie from the East Bay. I’m hoping to go into civil engineering and utilize tools within this field to do more community outreach. Some of my other interests include painting, dancing, hiking, and all that other fun stuff. As for music, I’m a big R&B and Motown fan, and my family helped build my love for Boleros, 70s/80s soft rock, and reggae. In addition to sharing stories and interests with other members del Centro, I want to actively invite all members of the Stanford community to come engage with and help determine the direction of El Centro in the upcoming year."